Tips on Working Out During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most amazing experiences a woman can go through and women expect to have this beautiful glow and this adorable little belly, but let’s be honest – Most pregnant women are tired, swollen, gassy, and just outright uncomfortable. That includes me! I am currently in the third trimester of my second pregnancy and I admit, getting motivated to work out can be challenging. There are several days when I just want to put my feet up and eat nothing but french fries. But then I remember when I give birth, a baby will come out but the fat from all of the fries is most likely going to stay (I learned my lesson the first time around).

I can tell you that finding the motivation to continue working out during pregnancy can feel impossible. I am human, after all. Growing a baby can wear you out tremendously. So, what keeps me motivated to work out while pregnant? Below are 5 ways I stay motivated to exercise my way through pregnancy.

  1. Think of how healthy your baby/pregnancy will be. There’s really no way to point out the obvious besides just saying it: when you work out, you become healthier. Exercise is great for your heart, brain, muscles, skeleton, and much more. What affects you also affects your little one growing in your tummy so if mommy is reaping the benefits, so will little one!
  2. Join in on a group fitness class. What could be more motivating than joining in on a fun fitness class? Sometimes I like working out on my own while other times it’s fun to let loose and join in on a Zumba class.
  3. If you look good you feel good too. We all know that showing up to the gym in cute new workout gear is everything! Especially while pregnant. Comfort is key! Invest in a few key maternity workout pieces that support your belly without binding. Check out these leggings  from a few post back.
  4. Find a partner. Exercise can be more interesting when you have a work out buddy to hold you accountable. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have someone to chat with while getting your fitness on. Need a new work out buddy? Check out Bumble BFF. It’s an awesome I app I found to help find new girlfriends in your area!
  5. Treat yo self! Unless you’re absolutely sick, give yourself a pep talk and get your butt moving. Remind yourself that exercise is good for you. So don’t forget to reward yourself for reaching mini goals. If you worked out three times this week, why not treat yourself to a pedicure? You deserve it, girl!

It’s hard to stay motivated, I know! But I hope these reasons will help you on your journey to a healthy delivery. What are some things you do to stay motivated? I would love to hear your tips!


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