Summer Activities to Keep Your Toddler Busy

The weather here in Houston has been nothing but sticky and HOT! And with lots of steamy weather ahead it’s the perfect time to find some summer activities (preferably indoors) to keep myself and my three year old busy.

Ty loves spending time with mommy and daddy and as he gets older and life gets busier (especially with another baby on the way) it’s important to me to spend time with him.  So, what are some fun summer activities that you can do with your little one while trying to stay cool? Here are my top 6 summer activities!


Studio Movie Grill. This place is perfect for a hot summer day. Food and a movie? Yes, please! I’ve taken my soon here a couple times already this summer and it’s been super easy to order him a kids pizza and just let him indulge while enjoying a good movie.

Home Depot. Sounds super random right? Every first Saturday of the month they hold a children’s workshop. Each month they have a new activity planned and I don’t know about your child but mine loves to pick up a hammer and bang on a piece of wood, which is why Home Depot is the perfect summer activity for my little Bob the builder. So far we have built a rain gauge, a cute little planter and a super cool tool box!

Splash pads. This activity isn’t indoors but it makes the little guy happy to run through the splash pad and cool off. What makes it even more perfect is that there is one right around the corner from our house. We go out there in the evenings and he’s tuckered out by the time we get home. It’s the perfect win/win situation if you ask me.

The Library. It’s so important to read to your children throughout the year and to keep the momentum going I like to take my son to the library. It’s the perfect opportunity to keep him engaged in books as well as finding activities within the library, like weekly story times.

The Children’s Museum. Now here’s a way to stay extremely busy for the entire day. It’s exhausting for us parents but it’s guaranteed to keep your child’s interest. From science activities to pretend grocery shopping, there’s something here for everyone. (Quick tip: try going during the week if you want to avoid the heavy crowds during the weekends). 

Froyo! Sometimes it’s the simple things that keep toddlers happy and frozen yogurt is definitely one of them. On a hot summer day like today, grabbing a quick frozen treat with my little one sounds like the perfect way to stay cool and busy.




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