Meet Rylee: One Month Postpartum

And just like that we have a one month old! I seriously can’t believe little Rylee is one month old already. Time really does fly when your having fun, or in my case when you’re losing sleep!

The last four weeks have passed by in a wonderful, exhausting fog.  And I’ll be the first to admit that I had totally forgetten what the newborn stage is really like.

I had forgotten what it means to operate on a small amount of sleep on an everyday basis.  I forget that the meaning of “me time” was going to change from getting away for an afternoon of shopping to trying my hardest to get a five minute uninterrupted shower.

And even though we had been warned multiple times, there are no words that can truly prepare you for what it will be like to transition from one kid to two.

At one month postpartum, however, I am starting to feel somewhat normal again. And as Rylee starts to settle into somewhat of a routine, I’m slowly but surely starting to find my groove again.

It’s definitely been hard but I know it will only get easier from here. I can’t imagine life without her. Big brother absolutely loves her (totally melts my heart) and daddy adores his new little princess!

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