It’s A Sprinkle, A Baby Sprinkle

Last weekend was my baby sprinkle and I must say that I managed to pull together an adorable little soiree! So you’re probably asking yourself what is a baby sprinkle and quiet honestly I had no idea what it even was myself until one of my good friends threw one a couple of months ago.

A baby “sprinkle” is basically your second baby shower just on a smaller scale. If you’re anything like me then you’ve saved a majority of your baby stuff. I still have a perfectly good pack-and-play, car seat, stroller and a ton of onesies that are gender neutral!

I wanted my baby sprinkle to be sweet and simple, completely opposite from my first baby shower. My first baby shower was a huge party full of food, music, alcohol, family, friends and absolutely NO baby shower games. (Yuck! I can’t stand a baby shower full of nothing but women and those same old tired baby games). My first baby shower is definitely one to top but this time I wanted to keep it sweet and simple. Sweet and simple for me included not having to cook, decorate or clean up mine or anyone else’s house afterwards. So with that being said I chose to have it at restaurant with a private area. This option definitely made the most sense to me. So, thank you Stonewerks for allowing my family and I to enjoy gathering and celebrating baby number two! We had the absolute best time!


(Don’t you just love the verbiage on the invite?!)


(This fun little cake was to die for! No one could believe it was from our local grocery store, HEB)


My husband helped me choose a unicorn theme, totally by accident, but a good accident. We decided to go with a unicorn theme because believe it or not having a girl is very rare for his side of the family. Our daughter will be the first girl on his side of the family in several years, I’m talking generations. Therefore, what way to celebrate the occasion and rareness than with a unicorn theme!

Celebrating baby #2 with kiddo #1 did feel very special as this is our last hurrah before baby girl arrives. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the best pictures of our gathering to share with you all, so please forgive me.

We ‘sprinkled’ at 37 weeks which was definitely cutting it close, but it was certainly something to look forward to!

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