Our Gender Reveal Story: It’s a Girl!

It’s a GIRL! So sorry for the wait. We found out the gender of our second kiddo one day before I hit 20 weeks and we are so happy to say we’ve got a healthy, [very] wiggly, GIRL in there!

So let’s backtrack a little bit and start from the beginning…

I was so nervous for our ultrasound! I try not to ever let my nerves get the best of me but I was especially nervous that we would disappoint our entire family. Everyone and I mean everyone kept assuming it was a girl but on the inside I had a feeling it would be a boy for sure. Trey’s family is nothing but boys. He’s one of three brothers. His middle brother has three sons and then we have our son, Ty. So it’s safe to say, I had prepared myself for the thought of having another boy.

But back to the doctor’s office. Trey and I couldn’t wait to find out. The anxiety was REAL. Our doctor did the usual routine, blood pressure, weight, you know all that good stuff and then finally it was time to dim the light and see what was moving around in this belly of mine. It was a little difficult at first because I kid you not, this girl likes to move! But after a few minutes of her squirming we finally got a good look! No boy parts around here! lol

Now to our gender reveal…

 We found out on a Thursday so fast forward to that Saturday where we met up with Trey’s family in a super small town called Giddings for a family reunion. I was so anxious to reveal our secret. A couple of hours into the reunion we pulled his mom and dad, along with his brother and family outside. We face-timed my parents in. We tried our best to explain what the plan was and handed Trey’s nephew and younger cousin two cans of silly string and before we knew it pink silly string was all over us! Everyone was so excited, you could feel the outpouring of love from everyone. It was just an awesome moment that I will never forget!

I wish we would have captured the moment with pictures but the somewhat blurred video and memories we have will have to do.

All in all I am so happy to have all my loved ones around me to celebrate the new addition to our family.

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