BumpDate: Third Trimester Here I Come!

Third trimester, here I come! This pregnancy is going by so fast! I can’t believe I’m already well into the third trimester! And you know what? It actually feels good to be this far along. I feel really proud accomplishing the task of making it through the first two trimesters, especially since this pregnancy is soooooo much more different than the first.

My bump is on full display and I am constantly being reminded that baby is very very busy growing in there. Strangers congratulate me, friends and family are getting more and more excited for us and big brother can finally see and feel the tangible evidence of the baby we keep talking about.

But as with every stage of pregnancy, it’s a mixed bag of emotions and feelings. I want time to hurry up and slow down all at once. Physically, I want to be done, my feet stay swollen and the back pain really gets to me at times. Emotionally, I’m good with being pregnant awhile longer, especially since this may or may not be our last one (only time will tell).

Being pregnant with a second child is an entirely different experience than being pregnant with a first. When you’re pregnant the first time around, you’re a delicate creature growing a new life. People are in awe of you. You’re told to rest as much as possible. You are encouraged to pamper yourself. You’re told you’re glowing! But, for round two, you can forget about the special treatment. You can’t rest or stay off your feet and you don’t get any downtime or alone time, let alone time to pamper yourself. You’re no longer a delicate creature, but instead an experienced mom. Do you glow? Maybe, but you do it while covered in your toddlers snot. For baby two, you’re no longer an innocent newbie — you’ve gone to battle once and you’re an experienced soldier. And you’re about to do it all over again.

So with this pregnancy, I have realized why a second child has fewer pictures and less attention. When we did find out we were pregnant, I was already consumed with the kid I already have that it really has made it harder to focus on my current pregnancy. Every milestone, feeling or picture that I celebrated the first time kind of gets ignored this time around. Of course I’m loving being pregnant all over again, but it seems that everything about my second pregnancy, in a way, is a little less than my first.

Sonogram pictures.

For baby one, I marveled over each photo — looking at every little detail I could find — wondering what he would look like. I kept each original picture in a folder dedicated to my son.

For baby number two, I forget I even have the pictures half the time. Instead, I find them days after my appointment, laying around on the counter and whatnot. When I think about it, I have put a few on the fridge, but I certainly don’t have a dedicated area for these new photos like I did the last time. And Facebook? Forget it. I’ve barely even announced that we’re pregnant on there.

Belly pictures.

For baby one, I diligently took pictures every week, marking my pregnancy growth. I made sure to capture my growing belly each time so we could see that rapid changes.

For baby two, I legitimately forget to snap a weekly belly update let alone a monthly belly picture. Ugh! I feel like such a horrible mom, but hey life happens, right? If I can barely get a picture in for my blog, then a belly picture most definitely isn’t happening


For baby one, I didn’t eat anything that was verboten during pregnancy. No wine, no soft cheese, no sushi, no cold cuts, nothing! I did everything they tell you not to eat while pregnant.

For baby two, I laugh in the face of the ridiculous rules of pregnancy eating. No, I haven’t done anything to put my baby in jeopardy, but I’ve eaten  sushi, and with no regrets I might add. Basically, I’m not driving myself bonkers for the odds that I could contract a food-borne disease.

Birth preparation.

For baby one, I actively thought about giving birth. I wondered what it would be like and thought about the process, like how long I would be in labor and when I would ask for the epidural. Overnight bags were packed and ready to go. I was pretty much prepared for anything and everything that could or would happen during that time.

For baby two, I haven’t even thought about the actual birth at all. The most I’ve thought about is whether or not I’ll be able to wobble down the aisle of Target and Toys R Us for Black Friday since it’s so close to my due date. Plus it’s kind of a fun tradition for Trey and I every year that I’m not willing to skip.

And that’s kind of where I am now — concerned but nowhere near stressed. Just anxious to meet our new little addition.


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