Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Mini Me

Valentine’s Day is literally one week away! I’m usually not one to even pay attention to this silly holiday but now that baby Rylee is here, I thought to myself what better way to celebrate such a ridiculous day than with fun mom and me gifts from me to her.

Here is a gift guide to give you inspiration when it comes to Valentine’s Day and loving on our minis.

  1. How cute are these mama bear and baby bear t-shirts?! I can’t wait to receive mine and Rylee’s so we can blow up everyone’s newsfeed. Kidding (but not really). I found these on Etsy along with a ton of other really cute mommy and me tees.
  2. So once we blow up everyone’s newsfeed we’ve gotta print out the cutest picture. And what better way to display our cuteness than with this picture frame I found here for only $10.
  3. Next are the cutest little bracelets. They’re a splurge but way too cute to pass up.
  4. If the bracelets don’t do it for you, then these really cute mother, daughter necklaces might spark your interest. Not only are they perfect for this occasion but they might be a really great gift idea for Mother’s Day as well.
  5. I saved the best for last. Shoes! Matching Uggs are seriously adorable and for me it won’t just stop there. I’m talking matching Nike’s, sandals and so much more. Goodness I’m so happy to have a daughter 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day

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